How to get on the box

How to get on the box

Boxing – popular and not really cheap if to tell about fights of professionals, for the viewer sport. But, despite all high cost of tickets, this show is worth it. Many fights on the TV are already seen, but want to see boxing alive? Stock up with patience and study this article.

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Get acquainted with a calendar of local competitions. If fights of professionals it is too expensive for you so far, you should not despair. There are competitions of fans which too can be not less fascinating and interesting. And in general, fans here - very conditional name. After all Olympic champions in boxing too are fans.
But if before the Olympic Games still far and it takes place not in the closest place for Russians, pay attention on local, regional and, perhaps, the All-Russian tournaments.
For certain in your city too pass boxing competitions so find information on a place and time of carrying out fights - and forward on the box.


If the budget allows you, can descend on fights of professionals. They pass not only in Las Vegas, is and at us, in Russia. And price of tickets for fights rather small. It is possible and to get for 700 rubles on duels of professionals. There are, of course, tickets and cheaper, for 300 rubles, for example, but it only on not too good places as there are tickets and for 75 000 rubles on duels for a rank of world champions.


Go to the airport. If local competitions of fans and even professionals do not suit you or maybe them is not present in your settlement at all, the exit all the same is. Gourmets of this sport should pay attention to the World Boxing Championship among fans. It will pass in South Korean Busan from September 16 to October 1, 2011. Boxing competitions among professionals for a champion title take place much more often. Fault to all is existence of several federations of prize-fighting.

As for prestigiousness to win that at fans that at professionals it is most prestigious in the most heavy category. The heaviest category of boxing – over 91 kg. Among federations of professionals the most prestigious are WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF so watch the schedule of duels and save money for transportation costs.

Love boxing and protect the person!