How to get rid of a smell in an aquarium

How to get rid of a smell in an aquarium

The aquarium in an interior represents an attractive and refined accessory. In order that it really brought joy from the presence, it is necessary to support him in an appropriate look constantly. Often in it there can be an unpleasant smell. In order that to eliminate it, it is necessary to change water, thus having carried out cleaning of an aquarium.

It is required to you

- a scraper for glass
- a bucket for water
- a hose transparent which has a nozzle siphon

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To change water, it is necessary to prepare the necessary equipment originally.

Take a bucket and a scraper for glass, and also a transparent hose. It is best of all to use made of polyvinyl chloride. All the matter is that during replacement of water and at this use of a rubber hose it can allocate components, undesirable to fishes, in water.


The following stage it is necessary to put a bucket below water level in an aquarium. Lower one end of a hose in water, and from other end a mouth try to exhaust it. When moisture goes, quickly to lower the end in a bucket. The main thing, be careful and do not take dirty water.


It is best of all to take a hose for an aquarium small length. Its diameter has to make 10–15 mm. If to take a hose which will have big diameter, water from capacity will pour out very quickly. The strong stream is capable to lift sand from a bottom and even to tighten curious fish.


Now it is necessary to clean a bottom the same hose, in the way of carrying out its end in those places where it is especially dirty. Wipe glass a scraper (it is possible a pure rag, but it is not desirable).


After the bottom is cleaned, not obligatory to change other water in an aquarium. Simply further water which possesses the same characteristics which are available and in the aquarium is added.


If after such procedure the smell from an aquarium all the same did not disappear, it is necessary to carry out full cleaning which means temporary extraction of small fishes, plants and sand. Then aquarium walls carefully wash out, and new sand is whenever possible filled up, plants are planted, and fresh water is poured. Such procedure demands big time for procedure.