How to wash sheep wool

How to wash sheep wool

Wool – the unique material possessing a peculiar structure thanks to which the clothes executed from a wool yarn warm in cold weather and gives a cool in heat. Microscopic cavities of fibers form the air bed which is carrying out function of the thermal stabilizer, and the lanolin containing in them possesses medicinal properties. Careful correct washing of wool will give to products from it dimensions and will prolong operation term.

It is required to you

- capacity
- water
- means for washing of ware
- a crest with small tooth
- wooden hairbrush
- grid gauze

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Prepare a sheepskin for washing. Clear it of traces of a brand, the stuck seeds and other garbage. Separate scraps and the felted polluted lumps. Spread out wool to a bottom of a basin or bucket. In very hot water dissolve special powder for washing of wool or means for washing of ware. Carefully fill in wool with the turned-out solution.

Leave a sheepskin in water for half an hour. Do not disturb at all and do not wring out it but only accurately a stick immerse the emerging fragments under water. Merge dirty water. Repeat process two more or three times. When you fill in wool last time, do not merge water after half-hour endurance, and take out it from water.

It is important to wash out a sheepskin in hot water as from the various impacts made on fibers when washing, the basic is temperature (there is no extraction, friction, hashing). Hot water will help to dissolve enveloping hairs zhirovosk and will not allow wool to be felted. As change of water happens in half an hour, and she does not manage to cool down up to the end, the sheepskin flood fresh soap solution does not lead to thermoshock and, therefore, to wool knocking down.

Rinse a sheepskin. Ship it in hot clear water and start lifting carefully and then to lower, but not to reap. After rinsing spread out woolen fiber on a lattice. When all water flows down, place it for drying on a grid gauze. Display wool a uniform layer about one and a half centimeters thick.

Provide access of air to the outspread wool from all directions. It is recommended to carry out drying on the sun, but the drying option indoors is not excluded.

Untangle the fibers confused in the course of a sink. At first process wool a wooden wide hairbrush, and then comb a comb with small tooth. Subject a sheepskin to repeated combing that fibers laid down in parallel each other, and wool became uniform, having turned into so-called rove.